How's Real Estate Market Remains Stable Despite The COVID-19

The entire world has been affected by the COVID-19, especially the economic impact. People who are used to working in offices have to be laid off and some have been fired.

It affects their family who depends on them who work. For example, the head of the family. Even though the necessities of life are still running, the only way to disburse is standby funds or investment funds. In this case is their home as investment.

Sold house or move to new house is not the right solution during pandemic Covid-19. But it is important to remember that the real estate market during the pandemic has remained stable because everyone still needs a new house for investment or renting a house, even for quarantine rather than renting a hotel room.

As the implementation of work from home, many people buy and rent houses to be used as offices. It is the right time to be an alternative long term investment while house prices are cheap and be a good opportunity for potential buyers. So I think the real estate market remains stable during this pandemic because everyone has needed to have a place to live, whether it's by renting or buy.

Reported by Cremodels, Published 02/28/2020, Cushman & Wakefield reports on impact of COVID-19 on real estate markets.

It is a fluid situation, and there is tremendous uncertainty regarding how broadly the virus will spread and what its ultimate impact will be on health policy, economic growth and financial and real estate markets. Cushman & Wakefield’s early observations and initial assessment of how the outbreak may impact the property markets going forward include:  

1. Central banks are responding aggressively. In addition to the Fed rate cut, the People’s Bank of China has deployed several new stimulus measures, and central banks in Indonesia and Singapore have also stepped up support.

2. It is important to note that the commercial real estate sector is not the stock market. It’s slower moving, and the leasing fundamentals don’t swing wildly from day to day. Certainly, if the virus has a sustained and material impact on the broader economy, it will have feedthrough impacts on property as well. However, it’s still too early to gauge any fallout.     

3. The outbreak has prompted a flight to quality, driving investors into the bond markets.

4. If past outbreaks are a useful guide, then COVID-19 should largely be contained by the first half of 2020.  Most anticipate a strong rebound in markets in the second half of the year.

5. The global economy was gathering momentum heading into 2020. Assuming infections globally will abate by mid-year, and with more government stimulus now going in, market conditions could be primed for a rebound as pent up demand is unleashed.

Therefore, the consideration for the real estate market can still be stable in 2021 until the coming year is very positive and possible.

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  4. basic human needs other than clothing, and food is a house. every human life grows. small, teenager, adult and finally married have their own families. and owning a house is the target of every family. that's why real estate market remains stable

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  8. this site makes me understand how helpful the mortgage calculator is. Its perfectly truth, it is important to remember that the real estate market during the pandemic has remained stable because everyone still needs a new house for investment or renting a house, even for quarantine rather than renting a hotel room. tq for the article

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